Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I couldn't think of a better title for the post. Suggest me if you can?

I once found an anonymous editor adding the following text to the article in Wikipedia on free will:
Some indeterminists believe that all things are chosen, and that determinism is only an emergent illusion resulting from the elements choosing to act or react in predictable and consistent ways.

I thought it was a funny play of words. But recently, I got to read this truly mind-boggling dialogue (via Ananth). It's an immense article that can even effect religious conversions; well, change your definition of religion! If you see my MyWeb2 links on the right side below the archives, I've tagged this link with numerous tags for want of sufficiency.

Below is one of the gems:
I could no more choose to give you free will than I could choose to make an equilateral triangle equiangular. ... A conscious being without free will is simply a metaphysical absurdity.


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