Thursday, April 17, 2008

Google biasing News on it's finance site?

Disclosure: I previously worked for Yahoo! and still hold a small number of Yahoo! shares.

A regular user of Y! Finance, I go to Google Finance only from Google News search results for the query "Yahoo!". With so much buzz happening around Yahoo!, I keep checking Google News search results for Yahoo! and the Google Finance page for YHOO.

One intriguing thing that I noticed was that, while the former showed stories on Google losing Search Ad marketshare to Yahoo! reported by Reuters, NYTimes, etc., the latter didn't show any of those, but showing other "less important" stories from those same sources. It's anybody's guess that which stories they show in the charts of Google Finance would have a non-trivial impact on investors' decisions.

The question is whether Google does any "filtering" of news stories shown on its finance site to favour its stock? I seriously wish it doesn't, but these days I get reminded of Orwell whenever I read about Google.

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