Thursday, September 21, 2006

Perl and postmodernism

I was searching for "Perl figures of speech", not an unusual query if it's Perl. I wanted to add some figures of speech that I discovered in Perl literature if there was such a list. (Let me blog them later.) I couldn't find such a list, but found an "interesting" speech by Larry Wall. Be warned that it's long, full of isms, tiring, postmodern, self-referential, and almost everything else. Plus, it has an ugly hyperforeignism - in the non-word octopi - as well. I somehow liked the speech or may be I've led myself to believe I liked it. I started copying quotes from that for blogging and realised that nothing but the complete article can illustrate itself! Not to waste what I'd copied, I present them below.

"When I started writing Perl, I'd actually been steeped in enough postmodernism to know that that's what I wanted to do. Or rather, that I wanted to do something that would turn out to be postmodern, because you can't actually do something postmodern, you can only really do something cool that turns out to be postmodern."

"I would like to tell you that Perl is simple in its complexity. But some people won't understand that. So pretend I didn't say that, unless you do."

I think I do. I did if Larry meant "lacking artness" or "undesigning" when he said "simple".

Update: I didn't get around to blogging Perl figures of speech. Let me add them here as I find them. I start with ellipsis.


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